Gmail on mobile

get the gmail on mobile. its quite good n easy to use. it has all the features supported by the pc version. the application is small n useful. its a java software n free.

visit these links... on pc and on mobile

get n-gage

download and install ngage on ur phone. well nokia is officailly providing the software.
if ur phone model is there in the list u can happily download it. for others check out the forums as to how to carck and use it on urs.

visit ngage.

u can find the full versions of games .. here. they will be around 7-20mb each. the quality is good.

check out drjukka's site for softwares for ur s60 3rd edition device.
the softwares available include Y browser(one of the best file explorer), Y tasks,Y alarms, inclinometer, AAS News, Theme Scheduler, Profile scheduler and Fake messages.
important thing is everything is freeware. so enjoy!


Palringo is a good messenger for ur mobile. It has support for msn, icq, yahoo messenger, aim, ichat, google talk, gadu gadu n jabber.

download versiions are available for java, symbian n windows mobile phones.

download it here - palringo.


shmessenger is a good application for ur mobile through which u can use yahoo messenger, msn n google talk on ur mobile. Stay connected to ur friends always with this shmessenger.

Well u can have all the smileys of yahoo messenger. It also has option of sending files. If u did not like the look u can change it with themes.

The best part is the spy option. U can know whether someone is invisible or not.

download it from shmessenger.


its a good site to check out applications for ur iphone. the update is good. so u will find new softwares as soon as they are released for ur iphone in the site.

ofcourse it just provides the list and gives links to where to get them from. visit it just to know what all u can do with ur iphone.


UCweb - web browser

Ucweb is a good mobile web browser which is gaining a lot of fans recently. Many people are starting to use it because of its many unique features. U can download files of any format from ur phone. And bigger files too.

Its a good try for anyone interested in browsing. UCweb